2017 Gilbert Verjus
2017 Gilbert Verjus

2017 Gilbert Verjus

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Verjus is a highly acidic, non-alcoholic product made out of unripe, early picked wine grapes that are pressed to juice.

The GbySG 2017 Verjus  is made from the Primitivo grape (Zinfandel), and was handpicked from our vineyard in Apple Tree Flat, Mudgee (altitude of 520) on the 13th February 2017.

Can be used for:

Refreshing beverage with soda water, lime, fresh mint and crushed ice. Salad Dressings, Basting liquid for roast chicken, deglazing the frypan when cooking chicken or fish, poaching liquid, cooking risotto and is a wonderful complement to mushrooms and oysters.

Refrigerate once opened, and consume within 3 months of opening.