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Orange is Australia’s highest wine growing region with vineyards ranging from 600 up to 1,100 metres above sea level. High elevation means it gets very cold and we even see snow in the winter months. Orange is known as NSW’s coolest wine region.

Orange has a mean January temperature of 22°C with a 20°C variance between summer and winter months with an average rainfall of approximately 1000mm per annum.

Our two main vineyards; one located on Mt Canabolas and the other in Nashdale, enjoy all the benefits of cooler temperatures, unique topography, and benefit from over 9 hours of direct sunshine per day during the growing season. Orange’s soil profile is predominately clay loam, which is deep and well drained with red and brown ferrosol top soils derived from basalt.

These conditions add complexity and depth to the flavour and quality of the wines. The combination of high elevation, cooler climate and plentiful sunshine, is vital to the fruits ability to develop intense aroma and maintain flavour, giving these wines a long elegant mouth feel and flavour profile.

Orange is 3.5 hours from Sydney.

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Our vineyard is located 15 minutes outside the town centre of Mudgee, in Apple Tree Flat. At an elevation of 520 metres above sea level, this beautiful landscape has rich clay loam soil, which is deep and well drained, with underlying shattered rock and quartz. These well-drained soils are highly suited to viticulture and produce wines of great character and depth.

Mudgee has a mild climate with cool summer nights which favourably extend the grape ripening period. The summer and autumn days are warmer than Orange due to the lower altitude, with the mean January temperature being 26.7°C and the average rainfall is 600mm per annum. The Mudgee sunshine results in incredible colour and powerful fruit flavour, while cooler nights create complexity and savoury characters.

Mudgee is 3.5 hours from Sydney.

Mudgee is home to our tasting room ‘The Cellar by Gilbert’, here we offer both current and museum releases.

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Eden Valley is one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine regions, characterised by its rugged beauty. It has varied topography with vineyards scattered across rolling hills, sharing the terrain with grazing land, rocky outcrops and big red gums.

Located east of the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley forms part of the Barossa Ranges. More commonly known as the Garden of Eden, it has altitude ranging from 400 up to 600 metres above sea level.

Eden Valley wines are distinctive in their character, displaying wonderful aromatics, elegance, complexity and finesse. Most famous for its Riesling, Eden Valley also produces world class Shiraz and a range of traditional and alternative varieties.

Gilbert Family Wines Eden Valley Growing Region Map

Gilbert Family Wines Eden Valley Growing Region MapGilbert Family Wines Eden Valley Growing Region Map