Our Story

Gilbert Family Wines began its journey in 2004 by fifth generation winemaker Simon Gilbert. Simon has always had a strong desire to do things his own way and create a label true to himself, at the same time paying tribute to his heritage.
Simon Gilbert winemaker at winery Mudgee

Simon Gilbert – Winemaker

As his friends, mentors and previous employees have gone on to international acclaim, Dad has quietly continued doing what he loves, away from the limelight… crafting great wine for you all to enjoy! Wine of purity, elegance and vibrancy. Wine that is varietally true to itself, clean and technically sound.

It’s a real honour to be working side by side with him, someone of his calibre who is revered by so many of his contemporaries. Dad has had a significant impact on the career of countless young winemakers across the countryside and I feel incredibly fortunate to be one of those. He gets real enjoyment in shaping and contributing to the careers of the new generation in the wine industry, something that is a true testament to his character. Dad is always willing to share his wisdom and expertise with whoever is asking and I know I am the lucky one that’s able to pick his brains everyday!

His passion for the industry is clear and unwavering. 40+ years on from when he first hosed out a press and dug out his first fermenter he continues to strive for excellence in his wines, regardless of what it takes.

He is a real perfectionist and someone who loves what vintage brings out in himself and also those people under his guidance. If I end up being half the winemaker Simon is, I’ll be happy.  WILL GILBERT

"I would consider Simon to be in the limited number of the very top bracket of Australian winemakers with a perceptive and analytical palate to match his technical skills."

- Brian Croser, Founder And Ex Chief Winemaker Of Petaluma. Founder, Principal And Winemaker Tappanappa.



Will Gilbert Winemaker vineyard Mudgee


Will Gilbert - Winemaker

Will is the sixth generation winemaker from the Gilbert Family originating from Eden Valley, South Australia in 1839.

He learnt the ropes from me at a young age, helping in the cellar at the age of 10. This sowed the seed for Wills interest in the Wine Industry, however it was not until much later that he developed a passion for wine. He commenced studying Oenology, and worked in the cellar at home, before spending the next three years doubling up Vintages between Australia, Niagara & Okanagan in Canada, where he clearly excelled in his own right. Will returned home in 2014 as Assistant Winemaker before becoming Winemaker in August 2016.

During this time, Will has shown his true passion and commitment, as the wines that he has made for Gilbert by Simon Gilbert have further excelled since he has been involved. Will has also recently developed his own label, ‘Underwood’ with close friends and has been the instigator of our popular Goose Apple Cider.

Will is a great people person, he has the palate, technical skill, passion and drive to be one of the greats of the Industry making wines that will compete equally against the best.

I am truly proud to have Will working alongside me in our family business - on the Tasting bench, the Cellar floor, to interact with & pass my knowledge onto him, about both our family heritage and the Industry. SIMON GILBERT 

"Will was a resourceful part of our team and made many positive contributions to our processes. Even at his young age, he showed the substance and character to become a very accomplished winemaker. I found his curiosity refreshing, and his natural leadership skills outstanding. I wish Will all the best and wish the world had more of his kind of people and winemakers."

– Marlize Beyers, Winemaker, Hidden Bench